Fitchburg, MA
Directed reuse planning and donation of a 300,000 sq. ft. former GE turbine facility. Achieved funding for revitalization efforts. Now being marketed as Putnam Place Business & Industrial Center.

E. Providence, RI
Defined "reuse vision" for almost a dozen waterfront properties, including former refinery and industrial sites. Implementation underway for the creation of Bold Point Harbor, a 110-acre waterfront community featuring office, R&D, retail, recreational & residential components.

Bayonne, NJ
Created and implementing reuse plan and divestment strategy for a 64-acre former tank farm site, overlooking Newark Bay. Negotiations now underway for the $100 million waterfront center including retail, residential, office and recreational uses.

Nederland, TX
Defining redevelopment potential of 100 acres of impaired land.

Richmond, CA
Defined reuse opportunity and divestment strategy for a 350,000-sq. ft. research center on 86 acres located on the San Francisco Bay. Assisting the client to coordinate leasing of the existing buildings, bringing about environmental closure, and a phased sale of the property.

Dighton, MA
Targeted specialized reuse of a 68-acre chemical manufacturing facility and existing equipment for creation of a fish farm. Assisted client to structure and close a transaction with a user.

New England
Conducting a portfolio review of 60 utility properties acquired through an acquisition. Providing decision-making tools to target and prioritize sites for optimum reuse and divestment.

Hometown, PA
Assisting PRP in redevelopment planning of a 25-acre Superfund site, including lowering remediation costs and addressing community issues.
Erie, PA
Created and implemented an adaptive-reuse program for a surplus 11-acre coal-fired generating station, as a mixed-use waterfront center. Bayfront Landing now attracts about 4,000 visitors per day, bringing new life to the downtown area.

Washington, DC
Identified real estate opportunity associated with an environmentally-impaired utility site. Structured a transaction with a developer for creation of a $100 million, mixed-use waterfront center.

Racine, WI
Identified reuse potential for a former 11-acre coal gasification plant, while also controlling remediation costs and risks. As a result, Gaslight Pointe was created including a hotel, residential center and waterfront promenade.

Columbus, OH
Created program to transform a closed, former military base into an intermodal industrial park — considered one of the most successful business parks in the Midwest. 7,000 jobs have been generated.

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