Does North American Realty buy property?

Does North American implement its recommendations?

What can environmental insurance do for my company?

How can we promote economic redevelopment of our impaired properties and still control risk?

I have a portfolio of surplus, environmentally-impaired properties. Where do I begin?

Does North American have experience with properties no longer owned by the corporation, but where the former corporate owner is the "deep pocket" PRP?

My corporation is publicity adverse, concerned about litigation and unsure of what to do about its surplus, environmentally-impaired properties. What do you suggest?
No. Buying client properties, based on our "insider's knowledge" would be a conflict of interest. We bring an objective and unbiased approach to client projects.

We create and implement business solutions on nearly 100% of the projects we analyze. Our staff has the skills and experience to implement the agreed-upon action programs, often in conjunction with our client's legal and environmental specialists.

Some have suggested that environmental insurance is the answer to mitigate corporate liability concerns. Insurance can provide real benefits, but not as a stand-alone product. Based on our experience, environmental insurance is effective when included as part of an overall risk management strategy.

There is no way to eliminate 100% of the potential environmental risk. However, by managing the legal, environmental, and real estate elements of a project, risk can be reduced to an acceptable level in line with other everyday business liabilities.

Through North American's Best Practices Management Program
TM, we assist clients to evaluate portfolios, uncover opportunities and create, as well as implement, programs to dispose of properties.

Yes. We are implementing programs successfully for a number of corporate clients who are PRPs on Superfund sites.

For this reason, North American provides its services to a number of clients on a confidential basis.

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